A message from Rachel to Bolton & Undercliffe

A message from our candidate, Rachel Sunderland, to Bolton & Undercliffe.


Dear Resident,

This election will not change who runs the country or sort out the mess in Westminster, but it will decide who will represent you at City Hall in Bradford.

It’s about knowing that the person who you vote for will stand up for local services, oppose cuts to vital services and challenge how the money raised from your Council Tax is spent.

It is about knowing that your Councillor will listen to your concerns, work hard and campaign on the issues that matter to you and your family.

For me, being a good Councillor is about speaking out on the things that matter to residents. To understand which local services need improving and to have a plan for the future.

This election is your chance to elect a person with the personal commitment and energy to get things done.

Rachel Sunderland


You can find out more and pledge your vote here.


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