Agnieszka Jedrzejewska - A Strong Voice for Eccleshill

PERSONAL BIO:Agnieszka Jedrzejewska

Agnieszka, her husband and two children have lived in Ravenscliffe for almost 12 years. She moved to the UK from Poland 17 years ago and became a British Citizen in 2016.

Agnieszka works at Morrisons Headquaters on Gain Lane as Wholesale Merchandising Advisor.

Agnieszka has volunteered regularly in her local area, helping to clean up Ravenscliffe Woods. She is also an active member of the newly created Friends of Eccleshill Park, where she is working to improve the park and its facilities making it safe and more welcoming for the wider area.



“I believe that a strong community is vital to the health, happiness and well being of the people in it. That is why I’m standing for election.

As a Councillor, I he will focus my work on making our area a cleaner, safer place to live, a place where children and young people have the support they need for a good education and better facilities for play.

I care about the environment and will work hard to improve our green spaces and campaign for investment in our parks and play areas.

Like many people I am deeply concerened about the rising anti-social behaviour and I will work with the Police and Council Officers to tackle quad bikes, vandalism and inconsiderate drivers”.

A Community Voice



Working in a major company in various roles, Agnieszka has the experience of dealing with large, complex problems to find solutions. This will be valuable when it comes to negotiating with Council Officers and other agencies to get the resources and investment our area needs.

As a volunteer, Agnieszka understands the importance of working with and encouraging people who give up their spare time to help in the community.

Agnieszka will be great at bringing people together - helping and supporting the dozens of groups and hundreds of residents who do their bit to improve our area and helping them to improve where we live.

Real World Experience



Alongside Councillors Geoff Reid, Brendan Stubbs and Susan Knox, Agnieszka is already working hard for our area and with your support on May 5th, she will be able to deliver more for residents across Eccleshill Ward.

Working Hard for Eccleshill

Safer Public Spaces

Agnieszka will be pressing the West Yorkshire Mayor and Police Commissioner to invest more and increase policing resources in our area. This is essential for us to deal with Anti-Social Behaviour, reckless driving and drug dealing.

Safer Public Spaces

Greater Investment in Our Community Facilities

In Eccleshill we are lucky to have a swimming pool, the Industrial Museum, and a public library. Agnieszka will fight to make sure they stay open in the face of future Council cuts and demand more investment to expand the services they offer to make sure more people can use them.

Greater Investment in Our Community Facilities

Our Children Deserve Much Better

Agnieszka will hold Labour to account for their shocking failures in Children’s Services. She will fight for every child to have a good school, great play facilities and work to restore the early help needed for our most vulnerable children.

 Our Children Deserve Much Better



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Read Agnieszka Jedrzejewska's Election Leaflet here.


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