Aislin Naylor - A Strong Voice for Idle & Thackley

PERSONAL BIO:Aislin Naylor

Thank you for taking the time to find out about me.

I grew up in Cheltenham and went to University in Birmingham where I gained a 2.1 Degree with honours in Sociology. I have made my home in Idle. I live in Idle in the Conservation area just off Westfield Lane with my husband James, our four children and my Mum. My children attend local schools and as my Mum is not well we rely on many local services.

I believe that a strong thriving community is vital to the health, happiness and well being of the people in it. It’s why I’m standing for election.



If I am elected I want to be the champion for improving services for children and young people. As a parent I know how important it is to give children a good start. The Lib Dems have made the case for our area in the Council’s Play Strategy and I want to make sure it happens.

I want better safer play areas for children, greener and pleasant outdoor spaces that people can enjoy together. Opportunities for children and adults to be involved in activities that benefit not only our community but the planet too such as community gardening, litter picking, recycling, growing and cooking your own food and improving nature.

The heritage buildings of Idle are a great place to do business. I want to champion improving the area and attracting investment to make the our area a better place to do business.

Working together with Alun and Jeanette I will work hard, report back and keep in touch.

A Community Champion



For most of my working life I have worked in customer service. I have lots of expereince in understanding what people are asking for for and putting that into action. As a student I worked as an optical assistant working in a health care role.

More recently I have taken on the role of caring for my Mum who has Multiple Sclerosis and supporting children with additional needs. That gives me real life experience of the services that so many of us rely on which, if I am elected, I will take into the Town Hall to campaign to make them more responsive to the needs of vulnerable people.

Real World Experience



Working alongside Councillors Jeanette Sunderland and Alun Griffiths Aislin will put a strong case for Idle and Thackley to the Council. They will demand more investment in our community. Together they will make sure local voices are heard.

Working Hard for Idle & Thackley


Campaigning for Local Environmental Action Plans

Campaigning for cleaner, safer, well-maintained public spaces. Making sure the Council gets the basics right such as fixing streetlights, pot-holes, pavements and footpaths.

Campaigning for Local Environmental Action Plans

Safer Public Spaces

Calling for more investments from the West Yorkshire Mayor and the Police and Crime Commissioner to deal with speeding traffic, inconsiderate parking and anti-social behavior.

Safer Public Spaces


Standing Up for Business

Campaign for more investment in villlage centres, the conservation area high street and for locally run charities and businesses. Making sure that people have local in-person access to business, welfare and debt advice.

Standing Up for Business


Giving Our Children a Better Deal

Making sure every child has a place at a good school and the support they need to achieve. Campaigning for more investment in youth services.

Giving Our Children a Better Deal


Cleaning up the River Aire

Campaign to stop Yorkshire Water dumping raw sewage into the River Aire.

Cleaning up the River Aire



07850 967 207



Read Aislin Naylor's Election Leaflet here.


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