Bradford Council COVID-19 Update

Information and advice for shoppers - 23 March 2020


Supermarkets are urging shoppers not to buy more than they need and not to stockpile unnecessarily.

UK retailers are asking for customers to be considerate in their shopping and have reassured customers that there are enough essential items for everyone as long as people shop responsibly.

In response, many supermarkets have announced a number of different measures to either assist older or vulnerable people who would otherwise be self-isolating to get their shopping, either in store or by delivery. Others have taken measures to reduce opening hours or limit the number of certain items shoppers can buy in order to help replenish stock more quickly.

Many stores are also now taking measures to prioritise access to their stores to NHS staff.

Below is a list of supermarket chains and some of the measures each of them have put in place. This is not an exhaustive list and we would advise residents to call ahead to their local store locations to find out more.

Please note that this information was correct as of 23 March 2020.


Sainsbury’s have decided to allow NHS and social care workers to shop in their supermarkets for half an hour before they open each day. Anyone with an NHS ID will be able to shop from 7.30am-8am every day from Monday to Saturday.

In addition, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all our supermarkets will dedicate 8am-9am to serving elderly customers, disabled customers and carers.

Sainsbury’s have also identified a number of customers as elderly and vulnerable based on information given previously, including details on date of birth and if customers have ever used their vulnerable customer helpline.

All these customers should have received an email yesterday with information on when home delivery slots will become available, in order to ensure that these customers get priority for online delivery.

To find out more visit


Morrison’s are introducing an NHS hour to all their stores, every day, Monday to Saturday from 7am-8am to allow NHS staff the chance to shop before the store opens. A Morrison’s colleague will be on hand to let in people with an NHS badge.

Morrison’s have introduced temporary purchase limits on products where there is high demand, so they remain available for longer for more customers to buy

The supermarket has not made any widespread changes to their opening times yet, but shoppers can check their local stores opening hours online.


From today, Iceland will be offering shopping times exclusively for NHS staff (NHS staff will need to bring along NHS ID). They will also only be accepting card payments during this hour.

Iceland will be offering two separate hours for both NHS staff and older or vulnerable people. The times are as follows:

Iceland (Monday-Saturday)

  • First hour of trading – Priority hours for elderly and vulnerable people
  • Final hour of trading – NHS staff only (ID must be shown)

The Food Warehouse (Monday-Saturday)

  • 7am-8am – NHS staff only (ID must be shown)
  • 8am-9am – Priority hours for elderly and vulnerable

Iceland is also temporarily limiting online orders to customers who are over state pension age, self-isolating and other vulnerable people, such as disabled.

This means that we're temporarily limiting online orders to customers who are over state pension age, self-isolating and other vulnerable people, such as the disabled. 


Asda will be offering NHS staff priority access to their stores on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 8am-9am.

From 18 March, Asda customers will only be able to buy up to three of any product across all food items, toiletries and cleaning products.

They will be temporarily closing non-essential services this week (e.g. cafes and pizza counters) to free up space in warehouses and capacity for restocking.

They will be temporarily closing 24 hour stores between 12am and 6am for restocking.

Home delivery drivers are equipped with sanitizer spray so service remains clean and hygienic.

If self-isolating, customers can advise when placing online order and explain where they would like their order to be left. Drivers will then wear disposable gloves when delivering orders and use bags to deliver shopping, rather than plastic totes.


As of 19 March 2020, Tesco will be implementing some changes in store to simplify what they do, help customers and support their store colleagues. These changes include: 

  • Storewide restriction of only 3 items per customer on every product line
  • Removing multi-buy promotions
  • Closing all meat, fish, deli counters and salad bars
  • All stores will close at 10.00pm
  • Introducing some distancing measures at the checkout
  • Asking customers to pay by card if possible
  • Encouraging customers who shop online or Click+Collect to come into stores where possible to free up delivery slots for those having to self-isolate
  • Prioritising one hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning between 9.00 and 10.00am for elderly and vulnerable customers


Store opening hours will change slightly with stores closing at 8pm from Friday 20 March onwards. Sunday opening hours will remain the same

They have increased orders from suppliers and warehouses have sufficient stock to replenish all stores. This includes all of the essentials such as sanitary and baby products.

They are discouraging people from buying more than they need. Customers are currently limited to buying four items of any one product during each visit.

They will also be encouraging social distancing at checkouts and asking customers to pay with card where possible.


Co-op haven’t made changes to their opening times, but are restricting purchases to two per customer on some products, including hand sanitiser, soap, tinned goods, pasta, rice, long-life milk, sugar, baby food and nappies.


There are no current changes to opening hours in Lidl’s UK stores. Lidl have now limited the sale of products including household essentials, cleaning products, pasta rice and tinned goods to four items per customer.


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