Bradford Lib Dems Secure Inquiry Into Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) After a ‘Nightmare Year’ for Residents in BD2 and BD10

Cllr Brendan Stubbs secured an inquiry into Anti-Social Behaviour following a year of bus attacks, fires, vandalism, and more in the BD2 and BD10 areas of the city.


At a meeting of the Corporate Committee of the Council on Thursday 30th June members agreed to an inquiry following his use of a ‘councillors call to action’ as set out in the 2007 Local Government Act.

During his presentation, Cllr Stubbs (Lib Dem Councillor for Eccleshill Ward that covers areas including Greengates, Ravenscliffe, Thorpe Edge and Fagley) set out the shocking toll the rise in ASB had taken on local residents.

“Local people are tired, stressed and disillusioned, they want their neighbourhoods back and those ruining their lives brought to justice. Over the past year, I have worked with Police, the Council and others to find solutions to the problem and unfortunately, none of the interventions so far have had a lasting impact. It has been a real nightmare for too many”.

“Representing Eccleshill I want to focus on the many positives that 99% of people contribute to our community. However, increasingly I have had to spend so much time dealing with ASB. I made this call for action to deliver real change in the way we deal with ASB. Local people deserve better and currently, they are not getting it from the Police, the Council and other authorities”

“I detailed the personal toll ASB is taking on local people, the loss of services for residents and the reputational damage this is doing to our community. I also gave shocking examples of the systems and processes failing. Communication between Police, Council and bus companies breaking down, difficulties gathering evidence and with services stretched these organisations simply must do better for residents and their own staff.”

The council will now set up an inquiry and call for evidence from residents, community groups and authorities before making recommendations later in the year hopefully leading to a real difference on the ground. 

Councillor Stubbs added:

“Liberal Democrat Councillor will continue to speak to and survey local people on this issue and we will be feeding our evidence back to inquiry. We will also point out good practice in other areas outside the district it is vital that we get ASB back under control in every neighbourhood”.

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