Braverman must apologise for endorsing Cummings

Responding to Suella Braverman's appearance in front of the Justice Select Committee, Liberal Democrat Justice Spokesperson Daisy Cooper said:


“The public must be able to have confidence that the Attorney General is providing honest and impartial legal advice to the Government.

“The Attorney General undermined public confidence by wading into the Cummings scandal for no reason other than to please No 10. It’s appalling that she still doesn’t seem to understand why what she did was wrong.

“When Suella Braverman was appointed, there were concerns that she would not stand up to No 10 and would put political interests ahead of the rule of law. Sadly, her craven endorsement of Dominic Cummings’ incoherent excuses for breaking the lockdown – and her refusal to apologise for it now – confirms those fears.”

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