Care sector is facing a new crisis as we emerge from lockdown

Today the Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey has warned that the care sector is facing a new crisis in care as we emerge from the national lockdown.


ONS figures released today show the shocking number of people who have either received reduced or cancelled care since the beginning of lockdown. Of those who received care before the lockdown for physical or mental health conditions, 30% reported they had received some reduced treatment and 21% reported that their treatment had been cancelled.

Even before the coronavirus crisis there were over 100k vacancies in the care sector and the Government is yet to provide extra money to local authorities to deal with the coronavirus crisis as promised in March.

Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

“Whilst millions people are now starting to get back something close to their normal life many have been left behind. Through the lockdown thousands of people could not get the care they need for both physical and mental health conditions.

“Now the lockdown is over their support is still not what it was before and their condition may have deteriorated. This has taken a huge toll on people throughout our communities. If the Government does not take immediate action, we will face yet another crisis in our care sector.

"The immediate gap in social care funding must be plugged, now. Government must also work with all parties – and with local government – to build a sustainable future for social care services across the country."

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