Davey calls for independent inquiry into handling of coronavirus crisis

Ed Davey, Acting Leader of the the Liberal Democrats, has reiterated the need for the Government to continue to put all its energy into stopping the spread of coronavirus. He has further called for an independent inquiry to review the Government’s response to the pandemic "so we can learn the lessons" once the immediate crisis has passed.


Liberal Democrat Acting Leader Ed Davey said:

“Millions of people are working day and night to tackle the coronavirus crisis in this country. The Government must put all its energy into supporting them and stopping the spread of coronavirus. Liberal Democrats will continue to back measures to tackle this cruel disease whilst holding the Government to account where they are failing to deliver for those who need it most.

“Once we are through this crisis, there will of course need to be an independent inquiry to officially review the Government’s response to the pandemic, so we can learn the lessons.

“The inquiry must have the strongest possible powers given the shocking failures on protective equipment for staff and the slow response of the Government - to get to the truth and to give Boris Johnson the opportunity to answer the increasingly serious questions.”

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