Davey responds to furlough scheme details

Responding to today's COVID-19 update from the Chancellor, Acting Leader of the Liberal Demcrats Ed Davey said:


“The Chancellor’s plan to support employees and businesses to transition out of furlough is the right one, and one the Liberal Democrats have long called for, to avoid even greater redundancies.

“The extension of support for the self-employed is especially welcome, although it is deeply disappointing that the Chancellor failed to address the gaping flaws in his original scheme that has left out over a million people who were either newly self-employed or were paid by profits.

“In the event of a second spike, the Chancellor must make clear he will be flexible and ready to reinstate this support, otherwise many businesses and self-employed people will face a precipice once again.

"Ministers must now urgently turn their attention to planning the green economic recovery we need to reduce the increase in unemployment caused by coronavirus and to tackle the climate emergency.

“COVID-19 has taken a horrendous toll on the United Kingdom - on people’s health and on people’s livelihoods. At this most serious of times, we need the Government to rebuild confidence with credible policies on public health and the economy, and sadly there remains a long way to go for Boris Johnson’s Government after recent events.”

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