Derisory increase in asylum support is appalling

Responding to the Immigration Minister announcing today an increase in Asylum Support from £37.75 a week to £39.60, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Christine Jardine said:


"People will be appalled that the Home Office thinks that a derisory increase of less than £2 a week to £5.66 a day is somehow sufficient for vulnerable people to live on during this crisis.

“The way the Home Office is treating these vulnerable people is unacceptable. People who’ve come to the UK having fled war or persecution should be welcomed with compassion and enabled to contribute to our society, not trapped in poverty.

“Instead of this miserly raise, the Government should urgently increase Asylum Support by £20 a week. Ministers should also finally give asylum seekers the right to work, allowing them to fill essential roles during the pandemic, as well as giving them a sense of dignity, more money and the ability to contribute to the economy.”

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