Govt must answer for their Coronavirus strategy

Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey has outlined Liberal Democrat questions about the approach to Coronavirus ahead of a meeting with the Government.


1. Why is the UK’s approach so different to so many other nations facing the same Coronavirus threat?

2. What is the PM going to do to advise businesses and individuals about the steps we should all take in the coming weeks?

3. How is the PM going to ensure vital supplies for people such as food and medicine?

4. What is the government planning to do about the social care sector which is already struggling with staff and financing?

5. Considering the government’s own forecast suggests we will not hit peak coronavirus for 10 weeks and may then not be back to normal until autumn, will he extend the transition period so that businesses do not have to worry about even more economic disruption from a hard brexit or a no deal Brexit in the new year?

6. Why has the government chosen not to undertake a mass Covid 19 testing exercise, such as been done in South Korea?

Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

“Whilst we have full confidence in the CMO and his team, Boris Johnson is failing to explain convincingly his strategic approach to dealing with Coronavirus.

“The Government’s position still looks at odds with the actions taken by other countries and the advice of the WHO, and people deserve to know why.

“With the UK’s social care sector on its knees, many shops running low on key items and some businesses running out of cash, the government has failed to prepare the country properly or communicate its strategy adequately. Conservative Ministers must improve their performance significantly in the coming weeks.”

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