Govt must better support disabled adults disproportionately worried by COVID-19

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to "develop and promote outreach programmes" to combat the heightened risk of isolation faced by many elderly and disabled adults.


This follows the release of data from the ONS showing that disabled adults are significantly more likely than non-disabled adults to report being worried about the effect the coronavirus pandemic is having on their life, and to report spending too much time alone due to the coronavirus.

Liberal Democrat Health, Wellbeing and Social Care spokesperson said Munira Wilson said:

"This data shows the disproportionate social impact of Covid-19 on disabled adults, changing people's lives to a degree far beyond what we could ever have imagined. "The detrimental effect of loneliness on mental and physical health is well known. Many disabled adults are elderly and less likely or able to leave home, leading to heightened risk of isolation.

"Ministers must develop and promote outreach programmes to ensure the most vulnerable in our communities are not left behind in the fight against COVID-19. Crucially the Government must give councils access to additional funding so that they can continue to provide care for all vulnerable people in the community.

"This must be part of the Government's wider strategy to better support mental health through this crisis. We need targeted signposting for support services and guaranteed funds for the charities that provide these lifelines."

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