Govt must commit to inquiry given failings in preparations for pandemic

Responding to today's update on coronavirus from the Health Secretary, Liberal Democrat Acting Leader Ed Davey said:


"It’s important the Government is at last providing daily figures for Covid-19 related deaths outside of hospitals. This is essential if we are to understand the true impact of this devastating virus across the UK.

"However, publishing data doesn’t tackle the many other problems. We are still tens of thousands short of the Government's target of 100,000 tests per day by the end of April. Yet the need to test, trace and isolate will almost certainly be key to any route out of lockdown.

“Robust testing at scale remains a critical priority still to be achieved. Ministers must be much more explicit about what they are doing to meet this goal.

"Last night's BBC Panorama programme made clear that the Government’s pandemic preparations were woefully inadequate - especially in terms of stockpiling PPE. The Government’s response to downgrade PPE guidance temporarily to mask that failure is deeply alarming for staff. No frontline health or care worker should be asked to do their job without this vital kit.

“The Government's failure to make adequate preparations adds to the mounting evidence demonstrating the need for an inquiry into the handling of Covid-19. The Government must commit now to holding a future inquiry to restore waning confidence.”

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