Govt must make more help available for people and businesses in Leicester

Responding to the Government decision to lockdown Leicester, Liberal Democrat Health, Wellbeing and Social Care Spokesperson Munira Wilson said:


"It is right that the Government has now taken the step of locking down Leicester. My thoughts are with all the people in Leicester. For many, particularly carers, health workers and vulnerable people it may feel like they are going back to the beginning again. The government must make sure that all support, financial as well as mental health is made available in this difficult time.

"Reports that tracers at a local level are not yet able to get the data they need to do their job are extremely concerning.

"The Government must be absolutely clear how localised lockdowns will work, and what support will be in place for individuals and businesses affected. Localised real-time data, broken down by ethnicity, is critical and must be shared with local authorities."

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