Govt must not end virtual parliament

Responding to reports that Parliament will no longer remain virtual after recess at the end of May, Liberal Democrat MP Wendy Chamberlain said:


"Suggestions that MPs will not be able to do their job virtually from the beginning of June are deeply concerning. We are living through a national emergency. We have worked incredibly hard to get Parliament up and running in virtual form for exactly that reason. The current advice is that people should work at home if the can - we have proven that MPs can.

“As yet, the Government has published no guidance as to how MPs and staff are meant to keep a two metres distance from each other whilst working in Parliament. Perhaps most worryingly of all, MPs and staff would be further filling up public transport networks and presumably travelling back and forth to communities all over the country.

“The Government must be absolutely clear why MPs need to be physically in Parliament and how Parliament can be a safe place to work so that MPs and staff do not become a factor In any future peak of the virus.”

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