Govt must scrap discriminatory ‘Right to Rent’ law

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Conservative Government to repeal the "Right to Rent" law, after the Court of Appeal found that it causes racial discrimination.


The law, part of the Conservatives’ Hostile Environment, makes it a criminal offence for landlords to rent to someone without proper immigration status.

The Conservatives attempted to introduce 'Right to Rent' checks in 2014, but the Liberal Democrats blocked them. However, the Conservatives rolled them out across England in 2016 and created the new criminal offence in the Immigration Act 2016, which the Liberal Democrats opposed.

In March 2019, the High Court ruled that the 'Right to Rent' checks are discriminatory and therefore breach fundamental human rights. However, Conservative Ministers have refused to scrap the law and instead appealed the judgment to the Court of Appeal.

Responding to the judgment, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Christine Jardine said:

"Liberal Democrats blocked the Tories’ 'Right to Rent' checks in Government precisely because they are discriminatory. Now that the Court of Appeal has confirmed that this law causes racial discrimination, Ministers must urgently repeal it.

"The Windrush Scandal should have been enough for the Conservatives to drop their nasty Hostile Environment policies. Instead, they’ve wasted taxpayers’ money fighting in the courts to keep these pointless, discriminatory checks that turn landlords into border guards.

"Liberal Democrats are fighting to scrap the Hostile Environment and replace it with an effective, compassionate fix to the immigration system."

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