Govt must step up and support councils

Responding to yesterday's coronavirus press conference, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:


"Whether it’s buying protective equipment for care workers, supporting the homeless or domestic abuse victims, or getting food to the most vulnerable, councils are on the frontline helping communities through this crisis. The money government has promised so far is welcome, but it is simply nowhere near enough.

"It is all very well government ministers praising our council workers as "unsung heroes", but they need to ensure local authorities have the funding to continue protecting our communities. Our councils are crying out for more cash, and the money already promised needs to get there more quickly.

"The government must also come forward and commit to reimbursing councils for the revenues they have lost and the extra money they have already spent tackling coronavirus. The government are right that local authorities have heroically stepped up, but the government must step up too."

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