Guidance for schools raises more questions than they answer

Responding to reports the Government’s guidance for schools reopening will include an overhaul of the curriculum, impose strict behaviour regimes and include a continuation of remote learning, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran said:


“A raft of guidance is again released, but it is meaningless unless it is accompanied by robust scientific evidence to reassure the public that these plans won’t result in an increased risk of Covid-19 spreading.

“The practicality of the plans also raise concerns. Dropping entire subjects and a continuation of remote learning without much needed equipment is far from an indication that this Government is giving pupils the best start in life.

“With the start and end of a school day moving to avoid rush hour, the Government will need to explain what working parents can do to get their children safely to school.

“Ministers must ensure every aspect of their thinking is fully transparent and open to scrutiny. They must also now engage with the profession and the public to answer these questions and more, before their plans fall apart at the seams.”

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