Johnson must call COBRA over Storm Dennis flooding

Following the widespread flooding across parts of the UK as a result of Storm Dennis, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey called on the Prime Minister to convene a COBRA meeting in order to better coordinate the country's response.


With more warnings in place for later this week, Ed Davey has lambasted the "shocking" response from Boris Johnson.

Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

"My thoughts are with all of those affected by the floods. I would like to thank our emergency services and the environment agency for their efforts to keep people safe.

"However, Boris Johnson's response to these floods has been shocking. He seems determined to pretend they're not even happening.

"Boris Johnson must take this crisis far more seriously and hold a COBRA meeting to coordinate the country’s response. These floods are not the first we've had, but yet again show how the funding in place to protect homes and small businesses is woefully inadequate.

"We are facing a climate emergency and regrettably severe weather episodes like this are likely to become more common. The Conservative government has got to raise its game."

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