Labour are failing Bradford


After many years of Labour control in Bradford City Hall, local people are asking why are Labour getting it so wrong:

  • 28,000 of the poorest residents and carers saw their Council Tax support removed as Labour targeted cuts on the vulnerable and those least able to pay.
  • Children’s Services in Bradford were targeted by Labour for huge cuts. Ofsted Inspectors have now branded Children’s Services inadequate. They are failing our most vulnerable children.
  • Why have Labour wasted millions on ‘pet projects’ like the City Centre swimming pool - It cost taxpayers over £1 million and will never be built!
  • The only people Labour seem to avoid targeting to save money for taxpayers are themselves. Labour Councillors still cost your family a staggering £1 million every year in expenses and allowances. It is a disgrace that they have ignored many calls to reduce the cost of their Councillors.

If, like many others you have had enough, join us today in demanding a better Bradford.

For those in Bolton & Undercliffe, you can help by supporting our candidate Rachel Sunderland in the by-election on February 7th.

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