Labour's first 100 days plans are built on a fallacy

Commenting on Labour's plans for its first 100 days, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, Ed Davey, said:


ā€œLabourā€™s plans for its first 100 days are built on a fallacy. They cannot invest vast sums in our public services while also subjecting our country to greater uncertainty as they pursue a new Brexit deal.

ā€œTheir wish-list for Government grows ever longer and longer, but we know that the Institute for Fiscal Studies has said their plans arenā€™t credible and would simply take our country backwards.

ā€œThe Liberal Democrats would stop Brexit and use the money from the Ā£50bn Remain Bonus to properly invest in our public services. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to build a brighter future and a fairer society.ā€

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