Lib Dems call for scrutiny through virtual Parliament

Responding to the news that the Prime Minister has invited opposition party leaders to attend a briefing on the coronavirus, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:


"We will of course engage with the Government about its strategy to tackle the coronavirus during this national crisis, continuing the constructive approach to questioning we have adopted from the start.

“There are vital issues to address, not least how testing capacity is expanded faster, how our frontline health and social care staff access proper protective kit and how to cushion the economic crisis so groups of people aren’t unfairly excluded and our most vulnerable citizens aren’t left behind.

“The best way to work together to combat this crisis is to ensure opposition parties are able to question the Government effectively so we can improve policy.

“Opportunities for scrutiny must not just come by invitation from the Prime Minister - this should be an ongoing Parliamentary process. That is why the Liberal Democrats have been calling for the creation of a New Zealand-style virtual Coronavirus Select Committee, with representation from across the House, chaired by the Leader of the Opposition and an early recall of a streamlined, virtual Parliament."

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