Lib Dems call on PM to sack Gavin Williamson for “slow-motion car crash” on exams

The Liberal Democrats have called on Boris Johnson to sack Gavin Williamson, criticising attempts to pass the buck onto Ofqual for the exams grading fiasco.


In a letter to Boris Johnson, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran has called on the Prime Minister to personally apologise to students and warned that the Government’s failure to take responsibility risks further eroding public trust in the exams system.

She accuses the Education Secretary of presiding over a “slow-motion car crash,” listing a number of catastrophic errors including failing to issue guidance for universities and ignoring warnings that a calculated grades system risked bias against disadvantaged groups.

Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran said:

“The Government’s botched handling of this crisis has caused untold distress and anguish to students, with many at risk of losing out on their preferred university place.

“At every turn, the Education Secretary has ignored the warning signs, refused to consult teachers and blamed others instead of taking responsibility. This comes on top of a history of failures from the botched reopening of schools to failing to get laptops to pupils who need them.

“There must be consequences for this catastrophic failure of governance. Gavin Williamson must resign, and if he refuses to go Boris Johnson must sack him.”

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