Lib Dems call out Johnson duplicity on Iran Nuclear Deal

Responding to the Prime Minister's suggestion that the Iran nuclear deal should be replaced with a 'Trump deal', Ed Davey, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats said:


"Johnson's dishonesty is apparent yet again. His claim that he will continue to support the current Iran nuclear deal is immediately undermined by his suggestion of a 'new Trump deal'. Let there be no doubt: when Trump says jump, Johnson asks 'how high?'.

"The current nuclear deal with Iran is all about stopping this brutal regime from becoming a nuclear state. Johnson needs to remind President Trump just how high these stakes are.

"The UK is best served by working with our allies in Europe and the wider world to reinvigorate the Iran nuclear deal as a means to deescalate the current crisis.

"If Boris Johnson won't robustly defend what's in our national interest and in the interest of stopping Iran from enhancing their nuclear capabilities - by keeping the deal on the table - then what hope do we have of negotiating a positive outcome for the UK-US trade deal Johnson is promising?

"The Prime Minister is sending a clear message to Donald Trump: your wish is my command."

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