Lib Dems Demand Internal Tory Enquiry Amidst Electoral Fraud Allegations

The Liberal Democrats have called for the Conservatives to immediately launch an independent internal enquiry concerning allegations Conservative Party officials offered Brexit Party candidates jobs and peerages to stand aside.


In a letter to Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly, the Liberal Democrat President Sal Brinton said:

"The severity of these claims has implications not just for the integrity of the General Election, but also for the public's trust in our democracy."

The letter, responding to the news that the police are assessing an electoral fraud and malpractice claim into No 10 offering Brexit Party members peerages, goes on to say an independent internal enquiry "would be an opportunity to show the party has nothing to hide."

The Liberal Democrat President, Sal Brinton, has also urged the Conservatives to "cooperate fully with the Police so they can clarify these allegations."

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