Lib Dems demand Raab steps up sanctions against China over treatment of Uyghurs

In her first keynote address as Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Layla Moran will demand the Foreign Secretary does more to hold the Chinese Government to account in response to the treatment of the Uyghur population. She will warn "we can’t just sit by and watch while a genocide is being engineered against the Uyghurs".


Layla Moran is also set to call for the Government to ban the sale of products produced in the labour camps in Xinjiang, as well as condemning the Government's plans to cut foreign aid.

In her speech she is expected to say:

Aid spending

"We have a Tory Government that is considering scrapping our aid spending commitments, and it’s turning a blind eye to human rights atrocities abroad, and flouting international law.


The Liberal Democrats will always stand with the oppressed and the marginalised across the globe, as the only truly internationalist party that seems to be left in Parliament today.


With illnesses like Covid-19, no one is free from it until everyone is free from it.


Our response is only as strong as the weakest healthcare system. To withhold aid now is not only morally wrong, it’s against our own interests too.”

Uyghur population

“What’s happening to the Uyghur population in Xinjiang province is nothing short of genocide. End of.


History is watching us. The world is looking to the UK and the international community to stand up and take action.

We can’t just sit by and watch while a genocide is being engineered against the Uyghurs.

I wonder, has Dominic Raab seen the footage of people being led off trains to internment camps? I simply don’t believe he hasn’t.

Which begs the question: why is he ignoring it?


Any company selling products produced in the labour camps should not receive our support.

And I call on our Government to ban the sale of those products immediately.


The Government must do the right thing and quickly.

That includes using Magnitsky-style sanctions against state and non-state individuals who are involved in implementing these clear violations of human rights.


And if we allow these companies to move their operations to the UK, or we fail to take the security threat seriously, we’re tacitly accepting that repression, the ‘re-education’, the sterilisation and other inhumane abuses are OK.

It is not OK.

So, Dominic Raab, pull your finger out."

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