Lib Dems File Proceedings At High Court For Judicial Review Of ITV Debate

Yesterday, the Liberal Democrats filed proceedings at the High Court for a judicial review of ITV's decision to exclude remain from their General Election debate.


Outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Liberal Democrat Party President Sal Brinton said:

"General elections are about people’s democratic choices.

The TV debates offer the only chance for people to see how leaders compare to each other directly, in a neutral, equal and balanced format. For many people this is the moment they decide how they will vote.

Right now, most voters see Brexit as the single biggest issue for the country and the central issue for this election. And people know more about where they stand on Brexit than which party they will vote for.

So it is vital for our democracy to have both sides of the Brexit debate represented at the top table of the Leaders’ debates.

ITV’s current proposal fundamentally disrespects the many millions of people who strongly support remaining in the European Union. It ignores their concerns, their right to question and to be represented.

Both Johnson and Corbyn want Britain to leave. ITV’s proposal has no place for remain at the top table, despite this being the strongly held view of many millions of both voters and viewers.

The British public, by two to one, think ITV should have invited Jo Swinson to take part.

The Liberal Democrats, on behalf of all those who want our democracy to remain fair and balanced are legally challenging ITV to do the right, fair and balanced thing.

We need to preserve the health of our democracy, for this generation and the next."

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