Lib Dems oppose Johnson's Parliamentary agenda

The Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment to the Queen's Speech for debate on Monday 19 January. The amendment details the key reasons why Liberal Democrat MPs will oppose Boris Johnson's agenda for government, including:

• failure to introduce ambitious plans to tackle the climate emergency;
• failure to set out measures to tackle poverty and inequality;
• failure to protect human rights or to strengthen the voice of citizens.

The amendment also urges Government to introduce a system of proportional representation.


Speaking ahead of Monday's debate, Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat Acting Leader, said:

"The Liberal Democrats are determined to hold Boris Johnson's government to account. Our amendment is about doing just that: exposing the Prime Minister's failure to act on the most pressing issues facing the UK today.

"The Tories' agenda not only lacks ambition when it comes to tackling the climate emergency, it fails to outline measures to reduce the poverty and deep inequality that threatens social cohesion and denies people the opportunity to succeed.

"Johnson's preoccupation with vanity projects - like getting Big Ben to 'bong' for Brexit - is yet more evidence that his priority is to massage his ego, not protect the national interest, or support families who are struggling.

"We are determined to ensure that the millions of people who voted Liberal Democrat on 12 December have the strongest possible voice in Parliament - a voice pushing for real change, including reform of our electoral system, to ensure that every vote truly counts in the future."

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