Lib Dems: People want to see robust action to slow spread of coronavirus

Responding to news that the UK is now in the 'delay' phase of its coronavirus response, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:


"Families right across the UK are extremely worried about the coronavirus. People want to see action - to know what to do next - and they want to see that the government's plans are robust and scientifically-led.

"In the context of this global pandemic, it is right for the government to move forward with measures that will slow down the spread of this virus. Ministers must make clear to the public how best to prepare personally, plan for businesses, and protect those who are most vulnerable.

"Whilst the financial assistance outlined in yesterday's budget is a step in the right direction we remain concerned. With limited additional resources going to support the social care sector, which is already on its knees, it's hard to envisage how this sector will cope in the event that we see a rapid escalation in case load."

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