Lib Dems respond to Health Foundation report on NHS staffing crisis

Responding to a report by the Health Foundation on the severe shortage of nurses facing the NHS, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Health, Well-being and Social Care Luciana Berger said:


ā€œThis report is clear ā€“there are serious NHS staffing gaps. The NHS is under significant pressure and there are serious questions about the quality and safety of care that patients are receiving today.

ā€œWithout doctors and nurses from abroad coming to work in our hospitals, the NHS is sunk. Yet Boris Johnson's plans for a Nurse Tax would mean EU nurses and other health professionals have to pay to work in the NHS.

ā€œEither a Conservative Brexit or a Labour Brexit would make the staffing crisis worse by driving away the EU health professionals we need.

ā€œLiberal Democrats would stop Brexit to support our NHS workforce, introduce an NHS recruitment strategy and invest Ā£7 billion a year in health and social care.ā€

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