Lib Dems respond to Health Foundation survey on Brexit threat to NHS

A survey by the Health Foundation has found two-thirds of people want an increase in taxes to improve health and social care.


This is in line with the Liberal Democrats' policy of putting a penny on income tax to raise an additional £7 billion of funding a year for the NHS and social care.

The survey also found widespread public concern about the threat posed by Brexit, including staffing shortfalls caused by EU doctors and nurses leaving the UK.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary Luciana Berger commented:

“The NHS and social care are already being stretched to breaking point, but Brexit would make this crisis worse by driving away the EU nurses and doctors we need.

"Yet neither the Tories or Labour are being honest with the public about the challenges posed by Brexit or how they would raise the money needed to sustain our health service.

“This survey shows that the majority of the pubic agree with the Liberal Democrats that we should all chip in a little more to secure the future of the NHS and social care. We are being upfront about putting a penny on income tax to raise an extra £7 billion for health and social care a year, while stopping Brexit to protect the NHS.”

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