Lib Dems urge govt to back Party's plans for a self-employment pay scheme

The Liberal Democrats will today [25/03/20] continue their efforts to ensure the self-employed receive a financial package during the coronavirus crisis by urging the government to back the Party's plans for a self-employment pay scheme.


Liberal Democrat peer Tim Clement-Jones has tabled an amendment to the Coronavirus Bill in the House of Lords calling for a self-employment pay scheme following the Conservative government's refusal to back the Liberal Democrats' efforts in the House of Commons.

This also follows the Parliamentary Urgent Question secured by the Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey yesterday [24/03/20] where he challenged the Chancellor to "move as fast as possible" to roll out financial support for the five million self-employed people in the UK.

Speaking ahead of the Coronavirus Bill debate in the House of Lords, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

"Millions of people across the UK are becoming increasingly distressed about the financial insecurity they face. The government must stop ignoring the pleas of self-employed people up and down the country desperate for some support during the coronavirus crisis.

"The Conservative government cannot continue to hide behind vague excuses regarding the practicality of ensuring those who are self-employed are supported. The Chancellor needs to act and he needs to act now.

"With peoples' livelihoods vanishing overnight, the government must throw its support behind the Liberal Democrat amendment being put forward today."

Ahead of proposing his amendment, Liberal Democrat peer Tim Clement-Jones added:

"The government's neglect of the self-employed must come to an end. From the creative sector to the building trade, there is no reason why those who are self-employed should receive next to no support from the government unlike employees or businesses.

"Money is running out for families across the UK so we need to see action from the government today. The measure the Liberal Democrats are putting forward would give certainty to the millions of self-employed people across our country who are terrified about how they will afford to live over the coming months during this crisis."

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