Lib Dems urge PM to clarify Heathrow comments and rule out expansion

The Liberal Democrats have today called on the Prime Minister to clarify the Government’s position on Heathrow expansion following his remark that there was no “immediate prospect" of bulldozers.


The call follows an exchange in the House of Commons today between Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson, and the Prime Minister, in response to his statement on HS2.

Munira Wilson, who last week lodged an amendment calling for the cancellation of Heathrow’s third runway, asked the Prime Minister if he would “prove he is serious about tackling climate change and make good his promise to lie down in front of the bulldozers at Heathrow.”

In response to the Twickenham MP, the Prime Minister said “I see no bulldozers at present and see no immediate prospect of them arriving."

Following the exchange, Liberal Democrat MP Munira Wilson said:

“Heathrow is already the UK’s biggest source of carbon emissions. Expansion will make achieving net-zero almost impossible. It is therefore appalling that the Conservatives have continued to press ahead with a third runway, despite the consequences.

“If the Prime Minster is serious about tackling climate change he must halt this act of environmental vandalism.

“It appears that Boris Johnson has today ruled out Heathrow expansion in the near future, but it could be nothing more than another gaffe. He must therefore clarify his comments and make clear to the public his Government’s policy on the future of Heathrow.”

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