Mohammed Thair - A Strong Voice for Bradford Moor

PERSONAL BIO:Mohammed Thair

Thank you taking the time to find out about me.

I was born in Bradford Moor and live in Gladstone Street. I’m a family man with five children.

As a child I remember where I lived as being a safe, clean and friendly environment. A happy place to grow up in.

I am standing for election as I want to make Bradford Moor once again a great place to live, work and play. I have a strong passion to bring change in the area and hope you will support me with your vote.



I am an active member of our community. I have been working with others who want to see a real change in Bradford Moor.

For several years I have been actively working with residents of Bradford Moor to lead and empower young people to get involved in social and environmental work, promoting cleaner and safer streets making great places to play and enjoy.

As an ex trade union leader, I am experienced in standing up and fighting for people’s rights. This is a skill I will use to speak up for people in Bradford Moor.

I have worked alongside several community groups based in Bradford Moor, and was recently recognised for my hard work by being awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

A Community Champion



I was still at school when I started my first part-time job in a famous burger chain. From there I worked in lots of different customer service and sales jobs.

I used all that experience to become self-employed and open my own food business. I like working for myself, taking responsibility for everything, and getting the job done well gives me a buzz.

I also want to work with others to take responsibility for where we live. I am an active member of Action 4 BD3. Working with my neighbours we have been tidying up, planting fruit trees, flowers, and tidying up the grass verges.

Real World Experience



Working alongside Councillor Riaz Ahmed, Mohammed Thair will put a strong case for Bradford Moor to the Council. They will demand more investment in our community. Together they will make sure local voices are heard.

Working Hard for Bradford Moor


More Face-To-Face Appointments

The Lib Dem team is calling for longer opening hours and for patients to get more face-to-face, appointments with local GP’s.

After years of Covid restrictions it’s time to make sure that everyone is able to get an appointment in their local practice.

More Face-To-Face Appointments


Campaigning for Ward-Based Action

The Lib Dems are campaigning for ward- based action plans to include a reduction in fly-tipping, more repairs to street and public spaces, tackling empty buildings and clearner air outside schools. The plan must include how the community is to be included in improving the green and open spaces.

Campaigning for Ward-Based Action


Publishing an Action Plan, Keeping in Touch and Reporting Back

The Lib Dem team has published an Action Plan for Bradford Moor. They will keep in touch with you through regular newsletters, surgeries, surveys and online. They will report back on their work, ask your views and always put Bradford Moor first.

Publishing an Action Plan, Keeping in Touch and Reporting Back



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Read Mohammed Thair's Election Leaflet here.


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