More inaccurate figures from Govt risks their ability to combat coronavirus

Responding to reports that the Government’s coronavirus press conferences have repeatedly and falsely shown the UK to have fewer coronavirus deaths than France, based on the numbers of deaths in hospitals, Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson Munira Wilson said:


"The frequency of inaccurate information being given out from the Government is becoming increasingly alarming.

"The Liberal Democrats have been consistent in demanding that maintaining the trust of the public is a top priority throughout this crisis. The fact that repeated concerns have been raised regarding the Government’s figures, whether it is the number of tests, deaths or ventilators, reveals there is either incompetence, or worse, at the heart of the Government’s current approach.

"The Secretary of State for Health must come forward and explain why this continues to happen on his watch. It is simply not acceptable in the midst of the coronavirus crisis for Ministers or officials to use inaccurate figures.

"Combatting the spread of the coronavirus is utterly dependent on the public trusting the Government. If they continue to allow flawed or inaccurate information to be used, they will not only lose the trust of the British public, but in turn they risk losing their ability to respond to this crisis effectively whatsoever."

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