NatWest Greengates Closure Petition

23 Nov 2023
NatWest Branch in Greengates
Cllrs Griffiths, Stubbs and Naylor - campaigning to save our local bank
Save Natwest Bank in Greengates

Lib Dem Campaigners have launched a campaign to stop the closure of the Nat West Bank in Greengates.

“This is the last remaining bank in Idle and Thackley Ward and is heavily used by local people and businesses. For the Nat West to suggest that local people travel to the centre of Bradford to use a bank is frankly outrageous” said Councillor Alun Griffiths.

Councillor Brendan Stubbs (Eccleshill ward) said “The bank is used by lots of older people and businesses. Greengates has lots of local businesses who use the bank to pay in their cash takings. Business is tough enough without Nat West making it more difficult.”

The Liberal Democrats have launched an on-line petition and are knocking on doors of local people to ask their views.

The campaign is being launched in response to an email sent to local Councillors by Samantha Lomax who is the Local Director for Nat West. In the email it outlines that the Branch will be closed in Feburary 2024. The Aternatives suggested include using the City Centre Branch or a Post Office in Leeds.