Ofsted stats reveal Tory failure on school standards

Following Boris Johnson's announcement on Ofsted, analysis by the Liberal Democrats reveals that the Conservatives have let over 1,000 schools go unvisited by inspectors for over a decade.


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Number of GP practices falls to record low as winter crisis approaches

The number of GP practices has fallen to a new record low of 6,867 while the number of qualified GPs has dropped by 339, NHS figures published today have revealed.


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Johnson's comments show he is no champion of women's rights

Responding to Boris Johnson’s comments on single mothers, Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson Christine Jardine, said:


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Johnson's Brexit plans would let thousands of criminals off the hook

The Liberal Democrats have warned Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans risk enabling thousands of criminals to escape justice, after analysis revealed the extent to which UK police rely on vital EU crime-fighting measures.


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Lib Dems would halt 'Brexodus'

Responding to the Office National Statistics’ latest immigration statistics which show that the immigration of EU citizens have fallen to their lowest level since March 2013, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson, Christine Jardine said:


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Neither the Tories or Labour have a credible plan for the economy

Responding to the Institute for Fiscal Studies' analysis of the three main parties' manifestos, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Ed Davey said:


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Tory threat to Channel 4 is attempt to cover up Johnson's cowardice

Responding to reports the Conservatives are threatening to review Channel 4’s broadcasting remit if they win the general election, Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary Chuka Umunna said:


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Leaked documents show US offered PR advice to UK over chlorinated chicken

Leaked documents from the US-UK trade deal talks reveal that US negotiators offered PR advice to their UK counterparts on how to sell the controversial practice of chlorine-washing chickens to UK consumers and the British media.


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Lib Dems respond to Health Foundation report on NHS staffing crisis

Responding to a report by the Health Foundation on the severe shortage of nurses facing the NHS, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Health, Well-being and Social Care Luciana Berger said:


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Jo Swinson: The problem with Boris Johnson...

Jo Swinson: The problem with Boris Johnson...


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