Lib Dems respond to Shelter report on private renters spending Ā£11bn more than they can afford

Responding to a Shelter report that found Englandā€™s private renters are paying out Ā£11 billion more a year on rent than they can afford, Liberal Democrat Housing Spokesperson Tim Farron said:


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Tory Childcare Provision Just Ā£1 Per Child

The Conservative Party have set out in their manifesto that if elected, they would spend Ā£250 million a year on expanding childcare provision for primary school children after school and in the school holidays.

However, the latest Government estimate is that there are 4,727,090 pupils in state-funded primary school meaning that the Conservativesā€™ announcement is worth a meagre Ā£1.02 per pupil per week.

This is also equivalent to just 16 minutes additional childcare a week.


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We Can Stop Johnson Ramming Through A Queen's Speech & Destructive Brexit

Responding to the announcement from Downing Street that a Queen's Speech would be held on 19 December if a Conservative government is elected, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Ed Davey said:


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Home Office To Profit Ā£4 Million From Nurse Tax

Following the Conservative's manifesto commitment of '50,000 additional nurses', which includes 12,000 nurses from abroad, the Liberal Democrats have discovered that this will mean the Home Office will profit over Ā£4 million from the pledge.


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Farage Takes Credit For The Terrible Tory Manifesto

Responding to the comments by Nigel Farage that much of the Tory manifesto was in fact in the Ukip 2015 manifesto, Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:


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Human Rights Act On The Line In This Election

The Liberal Democrats have vowed to defend the Human Rights Act, after the Conservative manifesto pledged to ā€œupdateā€ the legislation.


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Umunna: 17 Days To Stop The UK Becoming Trumpā€™s Poodle

Today, Liberal Democrat Foreign Secretary Chuka Umunna will deliver a speech in Watford ahead of the NATO leaders conference.


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Dishonest To Promise More Nurses Under Boris Johnson

Responding to the Conservative Party manifesto commitment to 50,000 more nurses, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Social Care Luciana Berger said:


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Tory Manifesto Is Built On A Lie

Responding to the launch of the Conservative manifesto, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Ed Davey said:


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EU Staff At Johnson's Local NHS Trust Feel "Anxiety" Over Brexit

The Liberal Democrats have warned that Boris Johnson is putting the NHS at risk in his own backyard, after internal documents reveal that NHS staff from the EU at Johnson's local hospital trust feel "anxiety" over Brexit.


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