PM must take second wave risk seriously

Responding to comments from the Prime Minister that several countries in Europe are facing a second wave of coronavirus, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:


“The Prime Minister is right that to warn that some countries face the possibility of a second wave of Coronavirus. However it is extremely worrying that he has not acknowledged or acted upon the risk of a second wave here in the UK.

“Yesterday I met with families who had lost loved ones due to COVID-19. Many just want the Prime Minister to start an independent Inquiry immediately, so that the Government does not make the same mistakes that cost so many lives earlier this year.

“Back in March, as the coronavirus wreaked havoc across Spain and Italy, Boris Johnson acted too slowly. The UK was not immune and it still is not. That is why the Prime Minister must take immediate action and begin an independent inquiry, so that we have learned the lessons should there be a second wave of the virus.”

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