PM's decision to give his cronies peerages further bloats House of Lords

Responding to the announcement of the new peerages appointed on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, Liberal Democrat Leader in the House of Lords Dick Newby said:


"Theresa May agreed to limit the number of new Conservative Peers she appointed, but Boris Johnson has ripped up this policy. By giving a large number of his cronies peerages, he has shown that the Tories have abandoned any pretence of reducing the size of the bloated House of Lords.

"The Liberal Democrats have long fought to try and get an accountable House of Lords - we must have a properly elected second chamber where individuals are paid a salary, removing any need for outside work to supplement their income.

"Even without such fundamental reform, we could reduce the House to a sensible size by implementing the Burns Review. These appointments show that we are still as far away from that as ever."

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