Ravenscliffe Play Area Upgrade Plans

Plans have now been completed for upgrading the play area behind Ravenscliffe Youth and Community Centre.


Following years of campaigning by children, parents and Lib Dem Councillors, Bradford Council has published plans for renewing the play area for local children.

Local parent and Liberal Democrat Candidate in the Election on 5th May, Agnieszka (Aggy) Jedrzejewska said: “I’m delighted, the old playground is worn out and desperately in need of an upgrade. It is great to see the plans for new play equipment and I want to thank everyone who has pressed the Council to improve the play area”.

Below are some explanations from the Parks Department of the Council regarding some of the choices for new play equipment and which things will be repaired and refreshed. 


To ensure that we are able to maximise the budget available to deliver improved and wherever possible new equipment to improve not just the quantity but also inclusivity, wherever the footprint allows, we assess and analyse the current offer and equipment.

We felt that the large multi-unit with a slide was dated with limited play value and propose replacing this unit with a smaller footprint unit which allows for additional items to be included such as the dish roundabout to increase the variety within the play area. The new multi-unit with slide also has a spinning element to make it more dynamic and the dish roundabout will also provide more inclusive play options within this play area.

We are able to retain the swings as they are popular and in a serviceable condition with a sufficient remaining predicted lifespan to be retained which will allow us to install a seesaw in between the swings to add to the current play offer.

The play surfacing in the play area will also be repaired and resurfaced and will help to refresh the overall appearance.

Cllr Brendan Stubbs (Eccleshill Ward) said "I am pleased that the plans include new play equipment and a resurfacing of the play area. Younger children in Ravenscliffe will be able to enjoy a much more engaging space. Moving forward, I will continue to press the Council to install lighting for the games area so that older children are able to use the games court after school all year round even when the evenings are dark much earlier. This will also help to extend the activities offered by the Youth and Community Centre". 

The plans will now go out to tender, once a contractor is appointed the play area should be completed within a few months. 

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