Report Into the Death of Star Hobson

It is clear from this report that before she was born, Star was at risk. A chaotic family history, friends and family concerns were not taken seriously and despite lots of evidence to the contrary, only the support offered to everyone was given to the family. Too many processes, that should have been in place and be relied on, let Star and her worker down. Responses were inconsistent and difficult to work with, these are not national issues.

This report does not change the lack of action and failure by the current leadership of Bradford Council. Every single report in Bradford’s Children’s Services said leadership and management were poor. People were and are not up to the job. These are not national issues to be brushed off, these fall squarely on the shoulders of those in charge at Bradford Council.

Each time a report was published the Council highlighted the good news and played down the negative. The views of the staff in the staff survey were only shared with Labour Councillors. Over two hundred jobs were cut at a time when over half the staff were telling the leader and Chief Executive how bad the management of the service was but those in charge still failed to act.

I expect to see over the next few days the staff being blamed for the death of Star and spinning the news to highlight “national issues” when the truth is that the leadership of Bradford Council is letting children down. No amount of spin or bids to be the Capital of Culture or capital of anything else can hide that shame.

You can download and read the report here


Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

Bradford Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Children's Services

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