Rising knife crime shows public health approach needed

Responding to new figures revealing that knife crime in England and Wales is at a record high, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Christine Jardine said:


“Before coronavirus, hundreds of lives were already being taken by the epidemic of serious violence, many of them children. Too many people feel unsafe walking down their own streets. That has not changed.

“The Conservatives’ approach has failed, with the Home Secretary too busy trying to seem tough on knife crime to do the hard work to actually prevent it. They cut police numbers and failed to properly provide the services that help people build lives free from crime.

“Liberal Democrats are calling for a proper public health approach to tackle the epidemic of serious violence. The Government must restore community policing and youth services.

“Once this immediate coronavirus crisis is over, we need to urgently bring police, teachers, health professionals, youth workers and social services together to prevent young people falling prey to gangs and violence. That’s how we will make our communities safer and let people feel safer.”

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