Tackling the seemingly impossible

Riaz Ahmed

Sometimes there is no easy way to resolve a problem. As a Councillor for Bradford Moor, Cllr Riaz Ahmed regularly speaks to residents' about the issues of parking on residential streets.

On the 14th September 2017 the Bradford East Area Committee of the Council, is considering the petitions of residents' on these two streets, about the issues they are facing in regards to parking.

The residents' of both Gladstone Street and Rowen Avenue have organised themselves and have petitioned the Council to solve a problem that affects thousands of streets across Bradford. How to find a place to park outside their home on a street that was built before car ownership was anywhere near the levels we see today.

Cllr Riaz Ahmed said, "There is no obvious solution to the problem. I understand the frustration people feel, but without a bottomless pot of money we are left to consider options that at best will just paper over the cracks".

Residents are asking for a 'residents only' parking permits scheme. Unfortunately the criteria used to set up one of these is quite tough and has not been met on either street, so it is not an option. Such a scheme would not work when the majority of cars parked on the street belong to residents, as is the case at Gladstone Street.

If the funds were available and residents willing, we might have considered options like removing the large planters and other street furniture, however in the current economic climate there's just not enough resources to do this. It would also only allow for a small number of additional parking spaces." added Cllr Riaz Ahmed

When it comes to Rowen Avenue Councillor Riaz Ahmed has urged the Council to step up their work with the neighbouring school and parents to reduce the pressure they put on the street when dropping off and collecting children. "the school should be working harder with parents to tackle this issue".

Following the meeting residents are likely to be disappointed with the outcome, but can be reassured that Riaz and the Lib Dem team will continue to work on the problem with residents. The Lib Dems are always working to improve their neighbourhoods, stand up for the vulnerable and press for the extra resources needed to build stronger communities.


This issue was covered by the Telegraph and Argus on Monday 11th September read now by clicking here.

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