Test of Govt funding is how quickly cash reaches NHS and councils

Responding to the Chancellor's announcement of additional funding for the NHS and local authorities, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:


"The coronavirus crisis is stretching our NHS and local councils to the limit so this crisis cash injection has been urgently needed for several weeks.

"Yet it’s vital this cash gets out much more quickly than normal and reaches the right places - especially in getting protective equipment to NHS and social care staff and assisting local authorities in supporting the most vulnerable, from the frail elderly to the homeless and domestic abuse victims.

"Council leaders have been understandably sceptical about Ministers’ willingness to support local communities with vital early, substantial cash injections.

"The test of this announcement is whether councils see the money they need now, so their crucial services can be delivered to people suffering due to coronavirus. The government must also confirm and commit to reimbursing councils for the extra money they have already spent in their efforts to tackle this crisis.

"It is crucial that Parliament is now recalled. If the Government wishes to retain our support, there must be complete transparency with the opposition parties and the public."

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