Tories' appeasement of anti-immigration lobby will cause chaos

Responding to a report from Migration Watch criticising the Government’s planned “points-based” immigration system, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine said:


"This shows how short-sighted it is for the Conservatives to focus all their attention on appeasing the anti-immigration lobby who will always want more.

"Groups like Migration Watch are still not happy, even though the Government's new immigration system will be incredibly damaging to the NHS, social care and small businesses across the UK by excluding people with a valuable contribution to make.

"Six months is nowhere near enough time for either employers or the Home Office to get ready for these new rules and all the red tape they will bring. Far from restoring public confidence in the immigration system, this will just cause chaos and confusion.

“Liberal Democrats will oppose these destructive policies and continue our fight for a fair, effective immigration system that works for our economy and treats everyone with dignity and respect."

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