Tragic consequences of Govt’s failure to protect care workers are 'indisputable'

Responding to the statistics published this morning by the ONS, showing that those working in social care 'had significantly raised rates of death involving COVID-19', Liberal Democrat Health, Wellbeing and Social Care spokesperson Munira Wilson said:


"Throughout the coronavirus crisis, those working in social care have been continuing to work on the frontline, putting themselves in harm’s way to look after our loved ones. The figures released this morning showing a raised rate of death for care workers are heartbreaking and highlight what they are all risking as they continue to care for the most vulnerable during this pandemic.

"The scarcity of protective equipment and testing means many care workers have been forced to compromise their safety whilst working. The fact that care workers are more likely to lose their lives than nurses or doctors shows how desperately they also need protection from the virus. The tragic consequences of the Government’s failure to properly protect care workers are indisputable.

"Despite repeated questioning, Ministers are still struggling to answer basic questions regarding how they will ensure a consistent supply of PPE to care workers. It’s clear that social care has been an afterthought in the Government’s pandemic planning.

"The Government must ensure frontline care workers get the testing and protection they need immediately – it’s the very least they can do when staff are putting their lives on the line to care for our loved ones."

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