Up to £90,000 of taxpayers' money down the drain on unused mobile phone contracts

Figures revealed in an Audit of Bradford Council show that it has continued to pay monthly tariffs on hundreds of mobile phones it doesn't even use. In the Councils Internal Audit Annual Report it is stated that this waste has cost the Council £70,000 to £90,000.

Mobile Phone Contracts

The Annual Report of Bradford Council’s Internal Audit claims as a success story the discovery that the Council was holding approximately 2000 surplus mobile phones. The audit took place in March 2018 and reported that in some cases (25% of the sample checked) monthly tariffs were still being paid. 

The Annual Report says “by applying audit recommendations for re-use of existing phones and better tariff management the service responsible for telephony management estimated that £70-90k could be saved.”

Councillor Geoff Reid, the Lib Dem member of the Governance and Audit Committee said, “Residents will rightly be angered at this waste. At a time when services are being cut and the Labour leaders of the Council are pleading poverty we find out that they wasted thousands on mobile phones they are not even using”.

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