Wasting money on Britain's borders just more incompetence from Johnson's Govt

Responding to the announcement of the Government's funding to help manage Britain's borders, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:


"The Tories’ handling of their own policy of Brexit is fast becoming as shambolic as their handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The sheer incompetence, waste of taxpayers’ money, and continual deception of the public must make this Government the worst in living memory.

"The fact that even government ministers are warning about the disastrous consequences of their own border plans, not only shows how bad things are, but that there never was an 'oven ready' Brexit.

"Ministers full attention should be on containing the spread of the virus and getting our society back to normal, yet they are wasting hundreds of millions on new border infrastructure.

“Boris Johnson’s shower make Dad’s Army look modern, well-organised and competent.”

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